Special Operations


What do you mean with SO ?

SO is the abreviation for Special operation.

What do I have to understand with Special Operation ?


The Belgian Navy Flight consists of Alouette II and Alouette III Helicopters which are mainly used for SAR missions as well as link between the naval fleet and the mainland. The main base in Belgium is Koksijde EBFN. The Navy Flight is a sub unit of the well-known 40th Helicopter Squadron. From 6 to 8 months per year, at least one, and sometimes two, of our three helicopters are detached on board BNS Godetia, the logistic support vessel of the Belgian Navy.

Search & Rescue

The Belgium Search and Rescue Organisation is part of the 40th Helicopter Division which is based in Koksijde EBFN. SAR Belgium use Sikorsky S58-C and Westland Seaking MK48 Helicopters to provide air rescue at sea and on land as well. Helicopters saved already thousands of lifes as it's the fastest way to secure people in distress.


The Belgium Police operates Aircrafts and Helicopters to guarantee safety to the citizens by controlling the traffic situations on the main highways as well as searching for disappeared persons or goods and tracing illegal operations.


After the Second World War and more precisely on the 15th of October 1946, Belgium decided to turn the Belgian military aviation into an autonomous force, independent of the Army.
This decision was taken, after the contribution of the air weapon in the final victory had been assessed and thanks to the impetus given by many Belgians who became famous within the "Belgian Squadrons" of the Royal Air Force.

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