Manuals to be downloaded

Here you will find a list of manuals you should read. We know you don't want to read because you want to fly. Believe us, read these manuals, it's the only way to learn the basics of flying. All the manuals below are very important except the one that explains Ivae. Please read those manuals at least once.
1) Ivap

In this manual you will find everything about IVAP. It explains how to install ivap and how to use it. You should be able to use IVAP perfectly. With this program you will be able to communicate with the controller in case of problem. It also explains the whole interface and how to connect to the servers of IVAO.

You can find the manual here: Manual IVAP
2) Newbie Pilot Manual

This manual is THE most important one. It will explain to you how to fly. At a certain moment il will give you an example of a flight from EBBR (Brussels) to EHAM (Schiphol). You will need this manual for the First Flight section. It is strongly recommended to print this manual. If you forgot something (and it will happen) you will be able to find an answer in this manual. You should read the entire manual before flying for the first time.

You can find the Newbie Pilot Manual here: Newbie Pilot Manual
3) How to create a good flightplan

As you know (at least you will know by now !) every flight has a flight plan. This is for IVAO and in real life. Why do we have to send a flight plan? You have to do that for the controllers. It is important for them to know what is your departure and arrival aerodrome and what will be the route. On top of it, you have to fill in everything they are asking. If your flight plan is not correct, and a "Good" controller is controlling, he won't give you the clearences. It's not difficult at all but very important for controllers.

You can find the manual here: How to create a good Flight plan
4) Ivae

Like we said before, IVAE is not absolutely necessary but strongly recomended. Maybe you will be able to find the most functions by yourself but thanks to the manual will know them all. Just read it, you will learn a lot of things.

You can find the manual here: Ivae manual

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