Programs to be installed

Here you will find a list of programs to be installed if you want to fly online. The programs 1 to 4 are important and must be installed. The last one is not needed to fly but recommended !
1) Flight Simulator

First of all you need a Flight simulator. We use Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight. All our explanations and examples are based on this Flight Simulator (FS).

Link: Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight

After you have installed your FS, you have to install IVAP. IVAP is the most important program if you want to fly online. You can find IVAP here: IVAP
It is very important first to install your FS, and then IVAP. IVAP will automatically find FS on your computer. Just install the program in your FS directory. Ivap should give it automatically.
3) MTL

The next program you have to install is the MTL Database. Flying online is much more realistic when you see the other aircrafts with their model and company. That's the utility of MTL. It will install as many companies or models that you want.
You can find the MTL database here: MTL Database
On the left side off your screen you have some links. Click on MTL, followed by Downloads. Be carefull no to download Ivap again. Be sure you download the "MTL Dynamic Installer". Run the setup and in no time it will be installed. If you take every plane, from every company you will have to download 130MB (if we are right!). If that's too much, you may make a selection of the models/companies you want
4) Teamspeak

Do you know who are the worst pilots on IVAO ? Well those without a microphone. We ask you to please find one, or buy one because it can't be realistic to fly by text. Don't be afraid to talk and to ask for clearences, every newbie is making mistakes, but our site is here to help you !
So, the next program to install is Teamspeak. Teamspeak is a program that makes it possible to speak on IVAO. That's the thing that makes Ivao really realistic.
You can find Teamspeak here: Teamspeak
On the left side off your screen you have some links. Click on 3rd party software, followed by Voice clients. Teamspeak should be the first one.
Let's say you just have installed FS, and for the moment you have no microphone because you first have to go to the shop. Please install teamspeak. Maybe you can't speak, but at least the Air Traffic Controller(ATC) can speak to you. It is very annoying for the ATC if he must type every clearence, espacially when there is a lot of traffic.

The next program you will install is not that important. It will just help you with everything you need. The program is called Ivae which stands for The Eye of Ivao. What is Ivae, what is it good for. Well first of all it gives you a list of all pilots and controllers who are online for the moment. You can also find all upcoming events check some statistics but the most important function for you are the routes. As you know an aircraft must fly from a city to another but a plane never flies straight to the destination. It has to follow a route which is described here. You will find more information in the manual section.
You can find Ivae here: Ivae

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