First Flight


How to fly your first Flight.

On this page we will explain you what you have to do, and when you have to do everything. We don't mean by this that we will tell you where all the switches are in your aircraft. We hope you know where to find them.
Once again, this example is based on the flight which you find in the newbies Pilot manual from IVAO. The route will be from EBBR to EHAM. It's an IFR Flight.
As you know, in Fligh Simulator 2004 you can choose 2 types of starting cockpit. The first one is called "Cold and Dark". With this option everything in your cockpit is shut off. You have to manually activate everything for flying. Since this is a little to difficult for newbies, we will take the normal starting mode where everything is "ON". If you want any help about how to start in "Cold and Dark" just ask.

1) Start Flight Simulator.

Start your Flight Simulator 2004. Choose Create Flight and choose departing airport, time, aircraft and gate. Please do not choose a runway. If you select a runway as starting point, and you connect to IVAN, you will be on the runway. If there is inbound traffic at that moment, you will be a problem. So once again, choose a gate for starting. Click Take-Off, you will be at a Brussels Airport gate.

2) Start IVAP.

Select Ivao (if full screen mode first press "ALT") and select IVAP. Click connect. Fill in the necessary information as your VID, password, aircraft, etc ... Click Connect. Now you are connected on IVAN. You don't have to select the multiplayer function in FS2004.

3) Send Flight Plan.

If there is no problem, now you are connected to IVAN. The next thing to do is to send a Flight Plan(FP). In IVAP, select ACARS followed by SEND FLIGHT PLAN. Here you have to fill in all information required such as Departure Aerodrome, Arrival Aerodrome, Alternate Aerodrome, Departure time, Flight level, etc ... EVERYTHING HAS TO BE FILLED IN ! You find a link in the Manual Section for the manual. Click Send FP.

4) Request Clearances.

In IVAP, select a channel of an active controller. If there is no controller available, just fly your flight as good as possible. Normally you first have to choose EBBR_DEL which gives you the clearances. If EBBR_DEL is't available select EBBR_GND, then EBBR_TWR, then EBBR_DEP/APP, then EBBU_CTR. Request your Clearances as explained in the aviation english section.

5) Request Pushback and taxi clearances.

If EBBR_GND is online, you will be redirected. Select EBBR_GND and request your Pushback clearances.
When your pushback is done, request your Taxi Clearances.

6) Requesting Take-Off clearances.

If EBBR_TWR is online, you will be redirected, select EBBR_TWR in IVAP. Tell the controller you are ready for departure, he will give you the take-off clearances.

7) Contact EBBR_DEP.

When Airborne, you will be redirected to EBBR_DEP if active, otherwise to EBBR_APP. He will indentify you on departure.

8) Contact EBBU_CTR.

EBBR_APP will transfer you to EBBU_CTR at FL060. He will guide you untill you enter in the controlled zone of The Netherlands.

9) Contact Amsterdam Control.

When you enter in The Netherlands you will be redirected to Amsterdam Control. They will guide you to your Final Destination which is EHAM.

10) Contact Schiphol Approach.

During your descent you will be transfered to Schiphol Approach. They will help you to get in front of the active runway. When your are established on the localiser he/she will ask you to contact Schiphol Tower.

10) Contact Schiphol Tower.

As we told you before, when established you will have to contact Tower for your landing clearances.

11) Contact Schiphol Ground.

After you vacated the runway, you will have to contact EHAM_GND. They will give you taxi clearances to get to the gate.

12) Congratulations !

Congratulations, your flight was a success !

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