Are the default aircraft in FS2004 good ?

Flight Simulator 2004 is the best FL on the market. It gives you a lot of different aircraft types. You can choose between the most recent boeing to old-timers passing by a basic Cesna. Even if FS2004 is very good, it isn't the best for online flying. As you know, an aircraft has to follow a route. In the default planes in FS2004 it is very difficult, maybe even impossible to fly the correct route. For example, using a Boeing 737 you need an FMC (see FMC in Pilot Section) to enter the requested route to follow.
Fortunately, there is a solution for the problem. You can find some organisations like PMDG or LEVEL-D who are designing some aircrafts. Those aircrafts are equiped with an FMC and are much more realistic than the default FS2004 planes.
Those organisations aren't free. For a Boeing 737-600/700 you will pay $40 on the site of PMDG. Below you will find some links to different organisations.




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