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Like real pilots, virtual pilots need charts. All the charts for EBBR should be downloaded and printed in case you need them. You can find the SID's and STAR's which are very important for departure and arrival. SIDs and STARs are procedures and checkpoints used to enter and leave the airway system. There is a defined transition point at which an airway and a SID or STAR intersect.

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A SID, or Standard Instrument Departure, defines a pathway out of an airport and onto the airway structure. A SID is sometimes called a Departure Procedure (DP). SIDs are unique to the associated airport. A STAR, or Standard Terminal Arrival Route, defines a pathway into an airport from the airway structure. STARs can be associated with more than one arrival airport, which can occur when two or more airports are in close proximity with Air Traffic Controllers (ATC).

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You can also find the ground chart of EBBR which is important if you want to find your way at the airport. It is a good idea to print the ground chart of the airport you are flying to, because after landing the pilot will give you a route to follow to the gate.

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You can find all the charts here: Charts
At the left hand side of the site, click on Charts under the Brussels FIR section. Then, again at the left hand side of the site, choose EBBR under the Aerodromes section. If you want everything, just download the 3 EBBR "All In One".

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