Prgrams to be installed

Here you will find a list of programs to be installed if you want to be an Air Traffic Controller.

The program you have to use to be a controller is IVAC which is the program for Air Traffic Controllers.

You can find IVAC here: Ivac

The program has a lot of features so we recommend you to read the manual, it will help you enjoying to be a better controller.

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2) Teamspeak

Do you know who are the worst controllers on IVAO ? Well those without a microphone ! We ask you to please find one, or buy one because it can't be realistic to control by text. Don't be afraid to talk and give clearences.
So, the next program to install is Teamspeak. Teamspeak is a program that makes it possible to speak on IVAO. That's the thing that makes ivao really realistic.

You can find Teamspeak here: Teamspeak

On the left side of your screen you have some links. Click on 3rd party software, followed by Voice clients. Teamspeak should be the first one.

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