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Like we mentionned before, online flying is more realistic if you can communicate with Air Traffic Controllers (ATC). The controller decides which route the pilot has to follow. It gives him Flight Levels, Speeds, Directions, etc ...
The controller also makes sure the aircraft is at a minimal distance from other aircrafts.
On IVAO the controllers are using IVAC, which is the program for controllers. If you are a beginning controller without flying experience we recommend you to first listen to other controllers. If you have flying experience you can hear what controllers are telling, and you can learn without being a controller. If you havn't any flying experience and you immediatelly begin to control, you don't know what to say and to do. Pilots don't like that ! So please first learn, then do ....


If at a certain moment you are ready to be a controller you have to check the FRA's. A FRA is a minimum criterion for ATC on a certain controller sector. This means that the ATC needs to have a specific grade before he/she can take an ATC position. The purpose of FRA's is not to discourage newbies from starting as ATC but to make sure that our pilots get good ATC quality. The saying "Better bad ATC than no ATC" is not applicable to our FIR...

EBBR_DELS216h00-23h00 (UTC)
EBBR_GNDS216h00-23h00 (UTC)
EBBR_DEPC1Mo-Sun: 16h00-23h00 (UTC)
EBBR_APPC1Mo-Fri: 16h00-23h00 (UTC)
EBBR_APPS3Mo-Fri: 23h00-16h00 (UTC)
EBBR_APPC1Sa-Su: 12h00-23h00 (UTC)
EBBR_APPS3Sa-Su: 23h00-12h00 (UTC)

NOTE: The whole section is based on
Flight Simulator 2004, A Century of Flight.

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