First Time ATC


First time online as a Controller

We have already explained you should first learn how to control an aircraft before really doing it. For example you can first learn to fly and learn how to communicate with the controller so can you get used to it. Sometimes newbie’s don't want to be a pilot, but immediately want to become a Controller. If this is your case, we can advise you to first connect to a controlled channel and listen how the controller is doing it. Do this for approximately 10 hours, and you will have a good base to start with. Also don't forget to read the manuals.

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If you think you are ready to control, then connect to Ivac. First you have to choose a position. If Brussels Ground isn't taken at that moment, then you can try Brussels Ground. Make sure you connect the first time with low traffic because as a newbie, you won't be able to handle a lot of traffic.
Now start IVAC. You can see 3 boxes inside IVAC, one COMMBox, IN/OUT and one ATC box. Make sure the frequency on the first tab of your COMMBox is set to the one of Brussels Ground which is 121,875. How to change the frequency ? Make sure the first tab is selected, and in the input area enter "//121.875" (without the quotes). Be careful to enter a "." (dot) and not a "," (comma). Now your frequency should be correct.

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In the upper left corner you can see a button "CONNECT", click on it. The connection box will pop-up. In the callsign box, enter your callsign. In this example it should be "EBBR_GND" (without quotes). Enter Your Real Name, VID and Password in the appropriate boxes. Select a Server, the Belgian server is very stable so I would recommend it (IVANBE1). Normally you shouldn't change the Port number. Make sure you check the Voice checkbox and once again the Belgian server (or any other one).

Click Connect .... Welcome to the Virtual Controller World. Try to control as explained in the manuals and on this site.

If you checked the "voice" checkbox correctly, TeamSpeak should pop up. Unfortunately it doesn't create a channel for you. You have to click on "Channels" followed by "Create Channel". A box will appear. In the "Nam" field, type your position (eg: EBBR_GND). Click "Create Channel". You are ready to go.

Have Fun ... Enjoy it ... But the most important thing ... Get those planes on the ground !

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